Our company GOLTHART LEAN UK Ltd and their partners are a small group of motivated, inspired and hard-working team in the Commodity market, especially in the Timber, Industrial and Petro Fuel market, and are well connected to an association of high profile Refineries and Seller Mandates, in Europe, Middle East and other Regions.

We supply Pine, Spruce, Fir, Leaf wood/Lumber cut to various sizes, kiln dried, both for the construction industry and in the packaging sector.

We can also supply Euro/Epal Certified Pallets in container quantities. All our products including Timber is sourced from sustainable forests and plantations.

We have available ready stock of D2, Fuel Oil, Mazut and Jp54, Jet Fuel etc., to the seriously committed, well-funded end buyers, for both commercial and Government contracts.

We are buying/selling Copper, Aluminium, Ingots ADC12, Shredded Scrap, in large quantities for our regular clients.

We are a small company of very dedicated, astute, efficient and productive workers, who aspire to give you our best attention and services throughout.

For Timber - Epal Pallets - Timber for Construction & Packaging – Solar Panels -Petroleum Products - Coal – Metals - Agricultural Products – Sugar – Wheat – Etc.


Tel : +44 207 993 6995
Tel : +44 784 671 0760
Email : lean@golthart.co.uk
Email : info@golthart.co.uk
Website : www.golthart.co.uk